Terms and Conditions



Due to the Covid pandemic we are pleased to announce new FLEXIBLE FAIR payment terms to all our valued travellers -


We can always place everything in credit for you (as long as we are not within cancellation charges with our loyal accommodation providers).

In light of the ongoing Global impacts of COVID-19, we continue to work with our partners to provide the greatest traveller flexibility in an ever-changing climate. Where itineraries need to change due to COVID-19 restrictions, we will waive our amendment fees and work closely with third-party providers so that they do the same. Any payments you have made will be placed into credit and held in a separete TRUST Bank account until you are ready to make plans to travel again.


We offer the following:

For all new bookings with deposits for travel before 31 March 2023 - 

• Travellers may postpone their trip for any reason up to 60 days prior to their trip start date and receive a full credit towards future travel with our company

• Travellers can postpone their travel dates to any future date, within 18 months of the original travel date - without penalty

We now offer a reduced (from normally 50% deposit) a 35% non-refundable deposit to secure your travel booking


These special terms temporarily supersede our company’s (below) standard payment and cancellation terms and conditions.


Please note: With some outsourced tour inclusions, for example whenever - Air New Zealand domestic flights are included in your itinerary, these costs would be added to your required deposit amount - as we have to pre pay these.


Please also note:

It is solely the travelers responsibility to ensure they have the correct documentation to visit New Zealand, for example -

Travel e Visas, current Passports, vaccination clearance  and or any other relevant documentation.


We also strongly recommend investing in comprehensive Travel Insurance prior to travelling - we can help with this, please do contact us for a competitve price



  • All prices are in New Zealand dollars and include G.S.T. (Goods & Services Government Tax) 
  • Please read carefully our following terms and conditions as all reservations are accepted only in accordance with them as set out below 
  • In completing and submitting our online reservation and payment form you agree to be bound by these conditions which form the agreement between Real New Zealand Tours Limited and yourself


DepositPayment Terms

*Self-drive trips (rental car) - 35% non-refundable deposit at time of confirmation of itinerary

*Escorted Coach trips - 50% non- refundable deposit at time of confirmation of itinerary

*Private driver trips (fully guided) - 50% non- refundable deposit at time of confirmation of itinerary


Final balance is due 60 days prior to arrival date in New Zealand 

*Please note: The deposit amount is subject to change based on any domestic flights included and or peak season travel dates. availability of requested accommodation, activities and attractions etc  



Amending or changing your tour -

You may change the dates of your tour at any time (subject to availability of the specific components), however any third party costs, such as hotel amendment fees or cancellation costs will be payable by you. Please also bear in mind that amending the dates may alter the overall cost.

We reserve the right to alter any arrangement of any trip should it become necessary or advisable, without penalty. Real New Zealand Tours does not accept responsibility or liability for cancellations or changes in any trip itinerary for reasons beyond its control, such as (but not limited to) closure of airports, technical and logistical problems with transport, outsourced provider circumstances, adverse weather conditions, strikes, and all similar events whether these events are threatened or actual.

Care and due diligence have been exercised in the making of all trip arrangements. However Real New Zealand Tours cannot and will not be held responsible for a failure of sub-contracted and out sourced ancillary services under any circumstances.


Trip price

Real New Zealand Tours reserves the right to increase the price of any trip in the event of any increase outside of its control such as (but not limited to) transportation, accommodation, fuel, fees, taxes, staff wages, or exchange rates. The price of the trip will not change 30 days or less prior to departure date.


Liability accident compensation

When reserving any Real New Zealand Tour you agree to release, waive, discharge, hold harmless, to indemnify and not make any claim against or seek any compensation from Real New Zealand Tours Directors, employees, all and any third parties from all and any claims resulting from personal injury, illness, death, loss of services and loss of property which may arise from your trip. 


Accident Compensation Corporation

If you are injured while in New Zealand, A.C.C. may be able to help with the cost of any treatment and support you need while you are here.

You acknowledge that New Zealand has a no fault law and claims are handled by the Accident Compensation Corporation (A.C.C.) pursuant to governing legislation, including the Accident Compensation Act 2001. There is a wide range of help available from A.C.C. after any accident and or injury.

A.C.C. only covers treatment and rehabilitation costs while you are in New Zealand. A.C.C. is not a replacement for travel insurance and does not cover illness, disrupted travel plans or emergency travel to get you back home.

Please note you cannot sue for personal injury in New Zealand except for exemplary damages. For further information refer to www.acc.co.nz

Should you require more extensive cover outside that provided by A.C.C. then please arrange your own cover directly prior to travelling.

Real New Zealand Tours Limited is not obliged to take out any such cover on your behalf.

Travel insurance is strongly recommended and that you have full comprehensive personal travel insurance including accident, sickness and any travel cancellation (ie: flights) before departing home. 


Cancellation policy

You may cancel your tour for any reason at any time, however please do so in writing as soon as possible. Please bear in mind our cancellation costs. Accommodation and other third party providers may have cancellation policies that impart fees for cancellations at anytime. Particularly in peak time the need to fill rooms is paramount to individuals businesses and in many cases their livelihood. With this in mind please be aware that cancelling your tour or making major changes you may incur additional fees.

Real New Zealand Tours Limited cancellations are subject to the following penalties of the full trip price -

  • All and any deposit is 100% non-refundable  
  • Cancelling 60-46 days prior to date of arrival - 50% penalty
  • Cancelling 45-31 days prior to date of arrival - 75% penalty
  • Cancelling 30 days or less prior to date of arrival - 100% penalty


Please note: The above is totally separate to your non-refundable deposit.

While we understand that cancellations may at times be unavoidable we highly recommend you purchase adequate travel insurance to cover you for this.

Additional cancellation fees may be incurred for, but not necessarily limited to, reservations for other activities and accommodation. Real New Zealand Tours Limited reserves the right to reclaim these costs from you.

If you do not pay the full balance of the cost of your trip 60 days prior to the departure date Real New Zealand Tours reserves the right to cancel your booking. When any refund is payable there will be an administrative fee of NZ$75.00 per person per booking.




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