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Tamaki Maori Village

1st of August, 2017

Tamaki Maori Village


  • Tamaki Maori Village Rotorua, New Zealand

  • New Zealand’s MOST AWARDED Tourism Attraction

Journey back to a time of proud warriors and ancient traditions with Tamaki Maori Village, the most award-winning cultural attraction in New Zealand. Experience ceremonial rituals, powerful performances and hangi feasting. Learn about the customs, protocols and stories that have been passed through the  generations of time. Welcome to the world of the Maori!

One of the biggest joys of travelling is experiencing another culture, especially one that is as vibrant and alive as the Maori culture. In New Zealand, you’ll find ample opportunities to learn about and experience this local culture and discover a rich heritage.

Maori are the  tangata whenua, of New Zealand. Before the Europeans arrived, Aotearoa (New Zealand) was home to this community of seafarers and ocean navigators. Maori people arrived on the shores of New Zealand more than 1000 years ago from the mythical land of Hawaiki on their wakas (canoes).  Early Maori embraced this quiet country, learning to live with its explosive beauty, forming a deep connection with the land and the natural environment.

Maori culture is rich in legends, or purakao. These tales, the language and traditions are well preserved even in the modern New Zealand society. You’ll hear these tales or read about them as you travel through the country – kiwis are very forthcoming in sharing the myths and legends of the land and its people. You’ll even come across common Maori phrases and sayings in everyday interactions.

While you’ll learn about Maori connections throughout your journey in New Zealand, a performance, tour or a stay on a Marae (Maori meeting grounds) is a great way to get your cultural fix. 


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